This cemetery is the property of the city of Eaton. The city operates the cemetery in accordance with Chapter 759 of the Ohio Revised Code. A tax is levied for the care and maintenance. All pricing will be set by the city administration and is subject to change without notice except as required by law. These rules and regulations are made to establish a policy of fairness, of uniformity and to make it cost effective to maintain the cemetery. Mound Hill Cemetery reserves the right to suspend, waive or modify these rules and regulations. The cemetery may accept donations, legacies, or trust funds. Mound Hill Cemetery is dedicated to maintaining and preserving the sacred nature of its grounds.

Sale of Cemetery Lots

  • Persons desiring to purchase graves will make application to the cemetery superintendent on the grounds or by appointment via phone or email.
  • Grave spaces may be held for 120 days without deposit or obligation. Grave spaces not paid for within this time will be returned to inventory and sold, unless other arrangements have been made with the cemetery superintendent.
  • A cemetery deed will be rendered for all grave purchases to the owner/purchaser and their heirs. The cemetery deed will be permanently filed with the cemetery and a duplicate issued to the owner/purchaser.
  • The owner of cemetery lots is purchasing the right of interment only. The lot owner does not have ownership of the property itself.
  • No interment of any other person than the grave space owner or their heirs may be made without a signed permission form. Grave space owners or their heirs may grant burial to any person. This permission must be in writing and signed by the owner or heirs and a notary public, with an original signed copy provided to the cemetery. It is recommended this transaction be coordinated with the cemetery superintendent, who may attest to the owners signing in lieu of notary public.


  • Interment charges may be obtained from the cemetery superintendent, local funeral directors or cemetery website.
  • Interments are performed by cemetery personnel only.
  • No interments will be allowed until the grave space has been paid for.
  • Opening and closing grave charges are due by the interment date. If no payment of arrangements has been rendered, the interment will not be made.
  • The use of an outside burial container (vault) is required for all full burials and must meet current industry standards. All vaults must be professionally installed by qualified personnel. Only one full burial is permitted on a standard size grave space.
  • Cremated remains require outer burial containers constructed of a non-biodegradable material, such as concrete, fiberglass or plastic. Cremation urns shall be of material such as stainless steel, cultured marble, brass, copper, bronze or a non-biodegradable material deemed acceptable by the cemetery superintendent. The urn or urn/vault of cremated remains cannot exceed nine inches (9") in height when being interred on top of an existing burial. Multiple cremation burials are permitted on a standard size grave as space allows with a maximum of four (4) interments per grave space. Scattering of cremated remains is not permitted.
  • Infant /baby interments require an outer container of a non-biodegradable material of sufficient structural strength to resist the crushing force of the overlying earth load as well as the additional pressure of vault and earth handling equipment commonly used in the cemetery’s operation. Multiple infant burials are permitted on a standard size grave as space allows with a maximum of three (3) interments per grave space.
  • Indigent burials are provided in accordance to City of Eaton policy and in compliance to Ohio state law.
  • As a matter of practice the cemetery will not require proof of any outer interment container or vault already approved by the cemetery.
  • Burial of pets is not permitted.


  • Disinterment will only be allowed by request in writing from the parents of an unmarried deceased, spouse or by court order.
  • Disinterment will be made Monday through Friday only. A double opening and closing will be charged if interred is moved to another space in the cemetery. A single opening and closing will be charged if moved elsewhere. All cemetery charges will be paid prior to disinterment.
  • The removal and handling of vault will be made by a professional vault company specializing in such utilizing proper equipment. Arrangements for the vault company will be made for and paid by persons requesting disinterment.
  • All disinterment will be overseen by cemetery superintendent.
  • The cemetery will exercise all reasonable precautions in making a removal, but will be under no liability to damage to casket or burial case in making the removal.

Funeral Scheduling

  • Funeral arrangements are made with the cemetery superintendent on the grounds, by phone or email. All service times must be confirmed by cemetery personnel, failure to do so will not guarantee service time will be available.
  • Order for interment must reach our office not less than 36 hours, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays, in advance of interment, i.e., arrangements for a Saturday, Sunday or Monday funeral must be made by noon Thursday.
  • Normally no interment is accepted after 2:30pm. Funerals arriving after 2:30pm will result in an additional charge Mon-Fri.
  • No interment will be accepted for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


  • Foundations for headstones, markers, and monuments shall be built by the cemetery superintendent or under his supervision.
  • Foundation prices may be obtained from the cemetery superintendent or cemetery website.
  • Foundation shall be 30" deep with a minimal 4" margin.
  • All foundation orders received on or before April 1st will be completed before Memorial Day week-end. All orders received on or before September 1st will be completed by October 30th. Those orders received after September 1st will be completed before Memorial Day the following spring.
  • All foundation orders should be mailed to Mound Hill Cemetery, 533 West Main Street, Eaton, Ohio 45320.
  • No foundations will be poured without a written order. No monuments will be set without foundation paid in full.
  • Military plaques may be mounted on an existing monument. When used as an auxiliary, it will be set by cemetery personnel at the foot of the grave where possible. Foundations are required for ground installation of military plaques and are provided by the cemetery at an additional charge. Payment is required prior to installation.
  • Typically, monuments are set in designated stone rows. Any marker placed out of the stone row must be lawn level.
  • Checks should be made payable to City of Eaton.

General Guidelines

  • Dog owners are required to keep/control animals on a leash and are responsible for removal of any waste.
  • No persons shall be allowed to ride or drive on any part of the grounds except those used and maintained as avenues. A 15 mph speed limit must be observed.
  • No planting of flowers, trees, vines, or shrubs will be allowed.
  • No elevating of graves or enclosing of lots shall be permitted.
  • All graves will be seeded or sod within one year after interment by the cemetery superintendent or under his supervision.
  • No decorations, artificial, potted or cut flowers permitted in mowing and trimming area, i.e., on graves or around foundations after April 1st or before November 1st, except for Easter and Memorial Day. Items placed on monuments or foundations must not extend beyond the foundation, and will be removed if they become unsightly or interfere with mowing. Shepherds hooks are acceptable.
  • April 1st and 10 days following Easter and Memorial Day, cemetery personnel will remove decorations remaining in the mowing and trimming areas.
  • The cemetery will not be responsible at anytime for any type of grave site ornamentation.
  • Glass containers are not permitted and will be removed.
  • Cemetery grounds are open to the public year round dawn until dusk, weather permitting. Any activities after dusk within the cemetery must have prior authorization by the cemetery superintendent.
  • The possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances within the cemetery is strictly prohibited.
  • Except for the lawful owner, no person shall remove any property such as flowers, ornamentation or markers from cemetery grounds. It is strictly forbidden to break, deface or otherwise damage memorials or grounds within the cemetery.
  • Other than law enforcement authorities, visitors may not possess or discharge firearms within the cemetery, except in connection with a guard of honor and the honor service.
  • Use of air or paint guns is prohibited within the cemetery.
  • The cemetery grounds are respectfully devoted to the interment of human remains. The provisions and penalties of law will be strictly enforced in all cases of intentional injury, disturbance or disregard of these rules and regulations.


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