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Mound Hill Cemetery operates under the laws of the state of Ohio. It is owned and operated by the City of Eaton. Day to day operation is managed by the Sexton in charge. The cemetery encompasses nearly 50 acres of established burial grounds located at two locations, 533 West Main and 130 Camden Road, across from historic Fort St. Clair Park. Mound Hill Cemetery has also purchased an additional 40 acres of ground for future expansion.

Hundreds of burial sites are currently available for purchase at the Camden Road location. Contact the cemetery to make an appointment to purchase burial plots or make funeral arrangements.

Note from the Sexton

I have been privileged to oversee the operation of Mound Hill Cemetery since 1992. I am very proud of our beautiful cemetery. Like so many in the community I have several generations of my own family at rest in Mound Hill. This attributes to the pride I take in caring for the cemetery. I do my best in assisting families at their time of need or planning for the future, constantly striving to care for, with dignity, the final resting place for those of the past, present and future.


Brad Duke, Sexton



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